At Genesis Solutions Ltd, Manchester, we provide a top quality, professional closed-circuit television installation service.

Get security cameras to protect your property

Whether you have a shop, factory or warehouse, you'll want to keep your premises safe from thieves and intruders. With CCTV and security cameras installed by Genesis Solutions Ltd you can add a high level of security to your property.
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A CCTV Camera
A CCTV Camera

CCTV security systems

By installing CCTV, you can keep an eye on your premises around the clock. You can closely monitor the interior and exterior of your property.

Monitor your surroundings

Security cameras can monitor not just customers and thieves but also your staff. You can ensure they are working as they should with CCTV.

Deter thieves and intruders with visible CCTV

By contacting us today you can get security cameras inside and outside your property. Would-be intruders will be deterred once they notice how well monitored your premises are. Enhance your security by getting in touch with us.

Genesis Solutions Ltd, Manchester. Your closed-circuit television security installation service.
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